Samsung Galaxy S7 Price Information and Release Date Confirmed

Samsung Galaxy S7 price is expected to be the same as the price of Galaxy S6 that was released in the year 2015. The Samsung Galaxy S7 release Date cofirmed and the samsung s7 has a trend of pricing its flagship phones quite high in comparison to the other phones, and so the Samsung Galaxy S7 will be priced at around $700 for the base model and then up for the higher storage variants. Along with this, the Galaxy S7 Edge will also be released and that phone will be priced around $100 more than the Galaxy S7 standard one.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Price Information

First of all, the S7 will have the standard and Edge variant, where the Galaxy S7 Edge is expected to come with an edge screen on both the sides and will be around $100 extra, on and off contract. The prices given below are the expected prices based on how Samsung has been pricing its phones in the recent times.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Price Chart

Country Samsung Galaxy S7 Price Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Price
U.S.A. from $699 from $799
India from Rs. 52999 from Rs. 59999
U.K. from 550 pounds from 630 pounds
Australia from 1000 AUD from 1110 AUD
China from 4700 Yuan from 5300 Yuan

So as you can see, the Galaxy S7 Update price difference has a lot of factors, especially the currency conversion. Between the two S7 and S7 Edge, difference could be of $100, and we might see the same difference of pricing between 32GB, 64GB and 128GB models if Samsung chooses not to provide a MicroSD card slot for storage expansion.

The pricing information for Samsung Galaxy S7 will be regularly updated based on the actual prices in different markets, because we have usually seen Samsung reducing price of its flagship phones in small time after the release.

The on-contract price of Samsung Galaxy S7 in U.S., through the carriers like T-mobile, AT&T, and such will be around $199 with a 2-year contract, while it would be $299 with 2-year contract for the Galaxy S7 Edge. It is mostly the same price set for the device through the different carriers. The pricing of Galaxy S7 Edge and S7 will be kept at competition against the Apple iPhone 6s because the new iPhone 7 will be coming later in the year and Samsung wants to put this against its biggest competitor, i.e. Apple. Apple has facetime for pc app which is missing in samsung s7

Keep an eye on the actual pricing information of Galaxy S7 in the coming days, by subscribing to our website at Samsung Galaxy S7 updates.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Release Dates

Most of the flagships from Samsung have been usually released in the months of March and April, after their announcement in the month of February at Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona, but this time we are expecting and hearing rumours that the Galaxy S7 from Samsung release date is set at sometime in February, and the announcement might be just a few days before the release.

The Galaxy S3 was released towards the end of May 2012, the Galaxy S4 was seen in the market during the end of April 2013, and it was on April 11th 2014 when Galaxy S5 was released. Last year, Samsung had released Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge on April 10th and now the Galaxy S7 as well as Galaxy S7 Edge will be available in around the end of February but initially to limited markets and not worldwide.

First, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Update will be released in U.S., U.K., Australia and India and then it will be followed by other markets. Check below for the different samsung galaxy s7 price and the Galaxy S7 Features, which are the expected prices but not confirmed ones.

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